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Bio: Spread the apple slices evenly. It was a blast to make and so delicious! I really have never used cardamom earlier than however I loved the flavour it added! I baked the pie in a deep glass pie dish however have been itching to make an apple pie in my forged iron skillet to see how it will affect the crust.

I undoubtedly will try cardamom in my next apple pie. You will know the pie is done when the edges are brown and the center is mild golden brown. If you probably did a lattice crust, you must see the filling effervescent away nicely.

Brush the surface of the dough with egg and then sprinkle with sugar. Pierce the top of the dough in several locations to allow steam to flee while baking. Refrigerate for a minimal of quarter-hour. The Hairy Bikers' Bramley apple pie recipe will allow you to excellent your pastry. A deep pie dish is crucial for becoming in as many scorching, fluffy apples as you'll have the ability to. In a big bowl, toss apple slices with lemon juice, sugar, flour, cinnamon, vanilla, and salt till nicely mixed.

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